Oil-Free Vegan Spinach, Walnut & Sundried Tomato Pesto

oil free vegan pesto recipe

For this wonderful and easy vegan pesto recipe you will need the following food items:

1/2 clove of garlic
1 handful of fresh spinach
8 walnut halves
1 handful fresh basil
4 sun dried tomatoes
3 tbsp of lemon juice (the more the better)
salt and pepper to taste

(Nice extra additions are a splash of olive oil or pine nuts, or both)

This recipe is simple, delicious and good for you. Take the garlic, spinach, walnuts, basil, tomatoes and stick it all into a food processor. Blend until semi-smooth, now start adding the lemon juice, salt and pepper. Keep tasting as you go along. I love mine very lemony. And voilà, you have yourself a dressing that goes beautifully on pasta, tomato salads or even on toast. You can make a larger batch and keep it stored in the fridge, it should comfortably keep for about a week. Enjoy!

oil free vegan recipe


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I am a twenty something architecture student from Scotland. I enjoy making easy, simple, cheap and healthy vegan recipes. All tried and tested by my foodie friends and myself.

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