Category: Packed Lunches

Egg-free vegan kale avocado coleslaw

Vegan Kale and Avocado Coleslaw

Here’s a light and fresh recipe to get you ready for the summer and get you in the bbq mood. It’s a delicious, healthy and vegan alternative to your normal coleslaw. I like to enjoy it with some chili roast … Read More

easy healthy vegan tuna recipe

Easy Vegan Tuna

This is the easiest recipe ever and absolutely delicious. The hardest part is getting hold of vegan mayonnaise. All you need is: 2 carrots 1 can of chickpeas 2 tbsp of vegan mayonnaise 1 tbsp lemon juice Throw the carrots … Read More

healthy vegan packed lunch

Healthy Vegan Packed Lunch

When I have a long day at uni or work I need food and loads of it. Here is what I usually take, keeps me going all day and is delicious. tomato, cucumber and fresh parsley salad pitta bread filled … Read More

healthy vegan emergency packed lunch

Healthy Emergency Lunch

I love preparing an elaborate packed lunch for uni or work but sometimes, when my bed is just a little bit too cosy, I have to run out of the house at lightening speed with barely enough time to make … Read More

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